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Laetitia betyder glädje på latin.

Laetitia is the Roman Goddess of Joy, Gaiety, and Celebration, and is especially linked with holidays and festivals. Like many Goddesses Who were personified ideas, Laetitia seems to have been a late addition to the Roman pantheon, and was often found on coins of the Empire, used for propaganda purposes to boost the image of the Emperor or his family. Her name means "Delight", "Happiness", or "Joy", and could additionally be defined as the "Fruitfulness" or "Fertility" assumed to be the foundation of that happiness. Her name is related to the Latin word laetus, which has a whole cluster of meanings connecting happiness with prosperity and abundance: it can mean "happy", "glad", "lucky", "successful", "prosperous", "luxurious", "lush", or "abounding"; and it was used to describe fertile land.

Källa: Selma Latidia

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