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Ciarán, Kieran, Kieren, Kieron or Keiran; is a Gaelic personal name meaning "Little Dark One", "Dark Prince" or "Dark Haired One". It is generally associated with a number of Irish saints:

Saint Ciarán Saighir (the Elder) was an early Irish bishop, the founder of Seir-Kieran, County Offaly, and also of the Bishopric of Ossory. Clear Island is regarded as his birthplace. The saint is sometimes referred to as one of four bishops to have preceded Saint Patrick in Ireland. His feast day is 5 March.

Saint Ciarán of Clonmacnoise from Connaught was the founder of Clonmacnoise Abbey in the early 6th century. He died on 9 September around 546 at the age of 32. He is buried in the remains of his little church

Saint Ciarán of Disert-Kieran, County Meath, called by the Irish annalists "Kieran the Devout", wrote a "Life of St. Patrick". He died in 775 on 14 June, on which day his feast is celebrated.

Saint Ciarán of Clonsost, is commemorated on 30 April

Saint Ciarán mac Colgaon 19 May.

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